Share your pictures, stories, and other digitized content with the Beaver River Rat Race online exhibit!

This is a collection of digitized photographs, souvenirs, etc. of the Beaver River Rat Race - an annual event that took place along the Beaver River between Heathcote and Clarksburg from the late 50s to the early 80s. Home-made “vessels” were launched in April to battle the spring thaw. Competitors built their “vessels” from a wide range of materials and in a variety of entertaining styles. Crowds would gather along the shores of Heathcote and Slabtown to watch the floating creations take on the river bends, dips, and currents. Over time the risks became too much, and the races stopped. Yet many memories were made, and stories cherished of a “different time”.

We would like your help! You are invited to submit digital content here to add to the online collection. We are seeking additional photographs, stories, anecdotes, and more!

Want to learn more? Contact the Craigleith Heritage Depot in the Town of The Blue Mountains, Ontario, Canada or visit the website links below.

Submission Rules

The submission process is free and it takes about 10 minutes. You are welcome to share as many digital items as you like. The content may be used in an online project about the Beaver River Rat Race and would be accessed by the public for the duration of the online exhibit.

Before you submit, please make sure your content:

  • Reflects the Beaver River Rat Race event.
  • Is an original work to which you own the rights, or is in the public domain.

What can I submit?

Suggested content includes: digitized photographs of the race or creation of the vessels, additional historical/biographical information about the event or the racers that partook in the competition and more!

Accepted File Formats:

Audio files, images, videos, PDFs. All content will need to be digital. TIP: If you would like to share a brief story or memory by text, you may wish to save the document as a PDF on your device, then select “Written Content (Other)” under Work Type on the next submission page.

Need Help?

If you need help digitizing files, please contact a member of your local library who can help direct you to the best resource (including staff)! If your local library is The Blue Mountains Public Library, please visit the website links below for contact information.